Hanseul Jun

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A communication phd student, studying AR and building telepresence.


Jun, H.*, Miller M.*, Herrera, F.*, Reeves, B., & Bailenson, J. (2020). Stimulus Sampling with 360-Videos: Examining Head Movements, Arousal, Presence, Simulator Sickness, and Preference on a Large Sample of Participants and Videos. IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing. (*: equal contribution)  paper data

Jun, H. & Bailenson, J. (2020). Temporal RVL: A Depth Stream Compression Method. Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW), Atlanta, Georgia.  paper code

Jun, H., Bailenson, J., Fuchs, H., & Wetzstein, G. (2020). An Easy­-to-­use Pipeline for an RGBD Camera and an AR Headset. PRESENCE: Teleoperators and Virtual Environmentspaper1 paper2 code

Miller, M.*, Jun, H.*, Herrera, F.*, Yu Villa, J., Welch, G., & Bailenson, J. (2019). Social interaction in augmented reality. PLOS ONE. (*: equal contribution)  paper1 paper2

Jun, H. & Kim, G. (2016). A calibration method for optical see­-through head­-mounted displays with a depth camera. Proceedings of IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), Greenville, South Carolina.  paper1 paper2